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Getting ready for a much better new year!

Posted in Uncategorized by workforce101 on December 31, 2009

When I first started at Workforce Florida, one of the first things I did was set up a blog site to post ideas, concepts, and to create a virtual environment for collaboration and discussion. My goal at the time was to create a transparent and interactive environment for Florida’s workforce leadership to look at ways that we can take our system to a higher level of performance and effectiveness. Looking back on nearly two years of experience, mostly good, I think it’s time to set this blog up again and try a different approach.

So for 2010, here’s what I am going to do. I am going to provide my own notes and projects here … if you happen to be interested in what I am working on, what my priorities are, what I think are relevant concepts that Florida needs to consider, this will give you some insights as to my thinking and how I see things shaping up. Agree with me, disagree with me … no problem. I hope that over time this will becomeĀ an interactive forum. For now, it’s just my virtual desktop.